An easy to use Python plotting tool with wxPython and Matplotlib

I made this to make my life as an audio DSP researcher and algorithm developer easier. The source code is part of the MAPL (Music Analysis and Processing Library). You can find the latest version at github. 

All you have to do is the implement a sub class of the Processor and fill in the dataset. This tool will generate nice plots for you. You can also set parameters to control the processor.

Why Python?

I’ve used MATLAB as data analysis and visualization software for many many years, at work and at school. I always felt that MATLAB, as a programming language, is badly designed. As I starting my own consulting practice, a cheap (or better, free) and better alternative is direly needed.

Scilab, Octave, Sage… all were kind of flaky, and didn’t seem to have the features and richness I wanted. Then I found out about PyLab.

PyLab is a Python environment for scientific computation that includes the following packages:

  • matplotlib for graphing and data visualization
  • numpy for fundamental numerical analysis (vectors, matrices, and scientific functions that operate on them)
  • scipy for scientific and engineering applications.
  • wxPython, is here to provide the GUI elements like buttons and sliders.

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