Android gets better Audio in Lollipop

Android gets better Audio in Lollipop

Google Android to support class-compliant USB audio interfaces. When it comes to audio performance, Android mobile devices have been a few steps behind their Apple counterparts. Android’s audio engine wasn’t initially optimised and latency figures were markedly higher than for iOS. Certain companies like Sonoma Wire Works have written software or worked around the limitations … Continue reading »

An Unsupervised Adaptive Filtering Approach of 2-to-5 Channel Upmix

A new algorithm of converting two-channel audio materials to five-channel based on subband unsupervised adaptive filtering is proposed in this paper. This algorithm uses a subband analysis-processing-synthesis framework. In each subband, a robust stereo image is obtained using principle component analysis, and an effective energy re-distribution among surround channels is achieved by mapping cross-correlation between … Continue reading »

Musical Instrument Classification in Mixture of Sounds

There are many problems related to the management ofmusical data that have not yet been solved. These arenow being extensively considered in the field of music in-formation retrieval (MIR). Topics that should be includedwithin the scope of this discussion include the problem ofautomatically classifying musical instrument sounds andmusical phrases/styles, music representation and index-ing, estimating similarity … Continue reading »


Realtime, polyphonic pitch-shifting never sounded so good on guitar—the Bomber is like having a vibrato tailpiece on a pedal, except that your strings don”t break, they stay in tune when you shift the pitch, and you don”t ever have to take your fingers off them. Sure, the dive-bombing function is outrageous, and you can get … Continue reading »